We’re truly blessed, as there’s a lot of good capoeira on the internet…

…And some of the really great rodas make it to our Youtube channel!

Tune in for the newest videos and uploads from our group. Happy watching!

If you’ve recorded a workshop or roda at one of our events, please let us know so we can post it for everyone to view. Obrigada!



Below are some historic gems of rodas with Mestre Marcelo.

Mestre Marcelo playing at his Mestre Suassuna’s academy with Gaiola and others.


Mestre Marcelo plays Mestre Maurão, Cavaco and Mestre Biriba, with Mestre Ananias on the berimbau.


Eddy Gordo vs. Only the Strong! Mestre Marcelo playing Mestre Amen.


Interview with Mestre Marcelo and other capoeiristas.