Capoeira classes

Ages 3-5: Bentivi  (ben-chee-VEE)    Ages 4-8: Pixoxó  (pee-sho-SHO)    Ages 9-12: Sabiá  (sah-bee-AH)

All of our kids classes are held at our Alameda location, and led by Professor Sumido. Check the schedule for current class times or contact professor Sumido at:

We request that for the first trial classes students use loose pants (sweat pants) and any t-shirt. After that, all students will be required to purchase our school uniform. We train in bare feet or martial art/dance shoes.


This program is currently on hold. The Bentivi program is designed as an introduction to capoeira, with lots of fun games, tumbling, and music. Kids will learn sing simple capoeira songs in Portuguese, be introduced to a few percussive capoeira music instruments, and learn basic rhythms of capoeira. This program runs in 8-week cycles, but […]


The Pixoxo class aids with the transition between Bentivi and Sabia. In this class, children continue to develop basic capoeira moves and floreos, or pretty acrobatic moves. In addition, they start to learn training terminology and techniques such as “warm-up,” “stretching” and “partner training.” The class is an hour long, and more rigorous than the Bentivi class. […]


This program is directed towards learning capoeira and its multilateral aspects. Students practice martial art, gymnastics, singing, and playing the capoeira percussion instruments. Students are evaluated every 4 months, to gauge their achievements toward the next belt level, but there is no pressure or requirement to move up in belt levels.