About Us

Capoeira Mandinga is the name of a capoeira group that has existed in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1984, when Mestre Marcelo Pereira started it under the name of Senzala Grande. Capoeira Mandinga also has a life as a nonprofit organization called the Capoeira Institute, and as a performing arts group called Brazil Dance Revue.

We are a community-based organization, and aim to serve and build up all peoples, through our particular type of art and our teaching style.

The Capoeira Institute

The Capoeira Institute is a non-profit organization with locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Berkeley, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Fairfax, San Rafael, and Petaluma. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a level of excellence in technique, ritual, and tradition in the training and performance of capoeira, and committed to the following: To facilitate and […]


We take pride in our neighborhood and seek to promote the community with all of our neighbors. We sponsor health outreach, movie nights, kids programs, festivals and shows. In order to make our programs accessible to everyone, we offer family discounts to our students, and have scholarships and work-study available. We take part in community events […]

Support Us

As members of the Oakland and greater Bay Area business community, our sponsors recognize the importance of strengthening the culture and activities available within our area so that we can create a thriving city that retains and attracts a diverse population of citizens. Thank you for supporting this exciting Brazilian martial art and contributing to the […]


We organize a number of events throughout the year that include Batizados (belt-changing events), workshops, seminars, demonstrations, and an annual week-long Capoeira Encounter in Brazil and in the US. We can also offer performances at your location. For in-school performances please email us at mandingaoakland@hotmail.com.


Women gaining strength in capoeira Read about our Instructors the Oakland Tribune. Its unusual movement — part dance and theater, part martial arts display — first attracted Oakland’s Mary Schindler to the Afro-Brazilian art form capoeira. She wanted to learn how to dance and came across a poster advertising capoeira instruction. Curious, she checked out a […]