In today’s world, where media of every kind is at our fingertips, the art of capoeira has had the opportunity to grow more rapidly than ever before. As practitioners of this art form, capoeiristas have a responsibility to learn every facet of the game – from the physical movements and musical techniques to capoeira’s history and roots. The intention of this media page is to provide students with a basic foundation of musical knowledge, as well as to showcase videos that present the true essence of the capoeira we play at Mandinga. And maybe, if you watch closely enough, you might recognize some of our style in Eddy Gordo…

See images from recent events on our Flickr page.


Currently we hold our main roda on the last Thursday of each month. Outside visitors are welcome! Atualmente fazemos nossas rodas na última quinta-feira do mês. Visitantes de fora serão benvindos!


This page is under construction QUERO VER A SUA MANDINGA Quero ver a sua Mandinga Seu molejo sua ligeireza Quero ver o seu pulo do gato Sua expressão e sua esperteza Lembre sempre o que o mestre falou Tradição tem seu grande valor Capoeira se joga com o corpo Com a mente (é claro) com […]


We’re truly blessed, as there’s a lot of good capoeira on the internet… …And some of the really great rodas make it to our Youtube channel! Tune in for the newest videos and uploads from our group. Happy watching! If you’ve recorded a workshop or roda at one of our events, please let us know so […]


The game developer Namco brought Mestre Marcelo to Japan and digitized his movements. These movements were used for the make of the character Eddy Gordo, Tiger and Christie Monteiro in the Namco games Tekken 3, Tekken, Tekken 4 Tekken 5, Tekken 6 and Tag. Therefore, Eddy Gordo, Tiger Jackson and Christie Montero are the digital […]