Vem Vadiar! Open street roda


Every second Sunday of the month we are hosting an open street roda to share this beautiful art with all of our friends and families around the Bay Area! Each roda has its own personality, its own style, its own traditions and rituals. We are honored to have the opportunity to share our lineage with all of you, and to provide a space for everyone to share his or her own capoeira in a respectful, fun, and challenging environment.

We would like, then, to formally invite each and every one of you to come create a very special roda with us. All capoeiristas are invited to participate. In the words of Mestre Poncianinho, “…I have my capoeira, and you have your capoeira, and when we can interact, then no longer is it my capoeira or your capoeira. It’s our capoeira.”

Vem vadiar galera!

Locations TBD, check our FACEBOOK page

(Organized by Charanga and Macaco Branco, under the supervision of Mestre Marcelo.)