Capoeira Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8-9:30pm at Sweat Dance Academy, 3966 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611Saturdays 1-3pm at Flex Gym, 3925 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611


All our classes are all-levels classes. The introductory and advanced classes run concurrently, with a dedicated instructor assisting the newer students or anyone needing modification to the class. Wednesday class is focused on beginner students.

For people who aren’t physically active, or have never done capoeira, we recommend participating in introductory class. Students are allowed to stay in the intro level as long as they want; when they feel ready they may move to the beginners or all levels class.

A general timeline is:

Intro: 0 – 3 months experience
Beginner: 3 months – 3 years experience
Intermediate: 3+ years experience
Advanced: 5+ years experience

Our Capoeira classes are not just a great physical workout. One will experience a true cultural experience passed on by Brazilian Mestre Marcelo Pereira and a great team of instructors where the essence of the art and its tradition will walk hand and hand combining both the old styles and the most up-to-date innovations of the art.


You may come just to observe, but we highly suggest that you participate: it is much more fun, and actually easier than just sitting and watching! Please come in loose, comfortable pants (sweat pants preferably) and  t-shirt. We train in bare feet or any light dance/athletic/martial art/exercise shoes.

After being involved with capoeira for 6 months to a year, beginners will participate in a graduation celebration called a batizado (baptism), where they receive their first official capoeira belt (green cordão). Eventually capoeiristas receive a nickname by which they will be known in the capoeira community. In our school we have our students participating in a pre-batizado event in order to gain experience for the real batizado and to give experience to the instructors that are getting ready to officially baptize students.


Code of Conduct

Capoeira Mandinga Code of Conduct Our vision at Capoeira Mandinga is to provide an environment where everyone can feel supported in communicating openly. Capoeira Mandinga promotes,  encourages and enforces respect for everyone. We honor and value the history and cultural heritage from which Capoeira is born, including the diversity of cultural backgrounds of its participants. […]

Our teaching style

Our method encourages people to realize that “limitation” is just a given concept based on unrealistic un-truthful comparisons of what is right or wrong. Instead we would rather present a concept where students experience different ways in which they can learn and perform a move according to their body type and physical capacity. We encourage […]


Class prices vary depending on the class type, number of classes per week and the length of the monthly plan one chooses. A 20% family discount applies to additional direct family members enrolling in capoeira classes. Private classes are available upon request. Drop-in fee is $20 ($15 for first-time students). Roda for Mandinga students is […]

Mandinga Values

RESPECT & REFLECT  Respect yourself. Be honest, truthful, have accountability, be responsible, forgive yourself;  Respect the mestre. Listen, reflect, think, think again. Respect others. Don’t be selfish, avoid judging, don’t compare, don’t undermine or underestimate others, be forgiving. PUNCTUALITY & PROMPTNESS Be on time (or perhaps before the class/workshop/event starts) Arriving to class earlier will help […]