Professor Pezão

Pezão started training capoeira in 1999 under Mestra Sorriso, a student of Mestre Marcelo Caverinha.

When I was about 9 years old, I saw the movie ‘Only the Strong,’ an over-the-top dramatized movie about Capoeira, that nonetheless hooked me immediately, and I began searching out somewhere to train Capoeira. I had also tried Aikido and it didn’t speak to me in the way that capoeira can capture you. When I was about 14 I finally found a group to train with, I went to my first class full of apprehension, and just never stopped going.
Capoeira was right alongside me during those awkward, confusing, and formative teenage years, and always provided me with a companion and at the same time a challenge when I most needed it. I developed a sense of self-discipline to keep myself training, and going to class even it conflicted with other social events that I wanted to participate in, because I knew the feeling of accomplishment and growth that would happen in every class, and I made some of my best friends as we went through this process together. Capoeira became an inseparable part of me, and there was no longer “me” training “Capoeira,” just a oneness.
The very nature of Capoeira is ever evolving and highly conducive to personal expression, while being firmly rooted in traditions both known and unknown, and practices that date back into eventual untraceability. Because of this nature it evolves with the human who takes to it (and vice-versa), and allows for a lifetime partnership of mutually beneficial growth.
Capoeira has allowed me to be stronger in every sense, and has been challenging physically as I’m fairly tall and must deal with a higher center of gravity, and a back that doesn’t agree with certain movements; yet because Capoeira is so diverse an artform there are always other ways to practice and accommodate that cater to each individual persons style, and so truly everyone can practice Capoeira. It is movement, acrobatics, music, community, culture, travel, connection, dialogue, and a language among many other things, it encompasses all of the things that I find important in life.
parafusoeditWhen I’m not actively training or playing Capoeira, I work as a builder and at times a field assistant in natural sciences, go backpacking, rafting, hiking and climbing, and generally spend time outdoors…