Monitor Charanga

Hi everyone! In the capoeira community my name is Charanga, and I am an intro instructor at Capoeira Mandinga in Oakland. I first started capoeira six years ago in Mexico City. While I was initially attracted by the unique movements and rituals of the art, I quickly began to appreciate capoeira as a complex and fascinating vehicle for spiritual, physical, and mental growth and interaction.
For my first two years in capoeira, I moved around quite a bit and had the opportunity to train with a number of different groups. I can now say that I am truly blessed to have landed permanently at Capoeira Mandinga in Oakland. While I reaped many benefits from my previous capoeira training, the elegance, fluidity, and objectivity of the capoeira that Mestre Marcelo teaches continues to inspire me to constantly seek to improve myself in this beautiful art form.

Outside of capoeira, I work for an educational research company in Oakland, as well as translate academic papers into English for professors in Latin America.