Monitor Boa Noite

Boa Noite started training capoeira in 2004 while studying as a graduate student at UC Berkeley. Little did he know that six-week class series would turn into a lifelong passion, introducing him to an amazing artform and its vast community! He was originally drawn to capoeira in part due to his general interest in Brazilian culture (he took Portuguese in college), but also because of its multi-faceted nature: the combination of martial artistry, acrobatics, singing, playing music, and improvisation were all a draw and can be found no place else.

As he grew in his experience and exposure to capoeira he also gained a strong appreciation for the Mandinga style and philosophy. He feels truly blessed to have found a home in Mandinga and gains joy in spreading his love for capoeira to others informally in his life and, more recently, formally in instruction. When not training capoeira Boa Noite spends his time researching at a National Lab, singing choir and volunteer gardening at his church, and, occasionally, sleeping.