Mestra Sorriso

Mestra Sorriso has been training capoeira since 1984, and was one of the founding members of Capoeira Mandinga. In 1992 she was the first American women  to graduate to the level of professora. She has taught capoeira in the US, Canada, Germany and New Zealand. She is also included in a book of interviews with women martial artists,entitled Sharp Spear Crystal Mirror . As a member of Brazil Dance Revue she has performed on many different stages and night clubs. She has been teaching capoeira since 1987 and when she moved to Marin in 1995 she founded Capoeira Mandinga of Marin.  In 2006 she took thirteen students to Brazil to perform and participate in a ceremony where she received her Mestra belt.

“Capoeira is a vehicle for self discovery and deepening your connection with community. I find that through empowering your self physically and mentally through the challenges of Capoeira, you come to understand who you really are, and can reach your full potential.”