Amazonas has been in love with Capoeira since 2001. For 9 years she played Capoeira with groups here and there trying to find a school that reflected the passion she felt when she played Capoeira. It was only in 2010 that she found home with Capoeira Mandinga.

Having lived and worked in West Africa for 4 years and in this country for over a decade as a farmer, Amazonas is often reflecting on how having a shared rhythm with others is the strongest way to have a thriving community. Capoeira creates this kind of community. Thus, her passion for Capoeira drives her to share it with everyone, even though learning music is challenging for her.

0708001446 (1)Amazonas also has a background in Contact-improvisational dance, Authentic Movement, and Ballet. Currently, when not teaching or playing Capoeira in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, or Oakland Amazonas is tending to her farm, talking about African wildlife (she works as a Tour Guide at an African Wildlife Preserve), cooking, dancing, or making berimbaus or learning new Capoeira songs.