Capoeira Maneira Style

Capoeira Maneira (or jogo maneiro) created by Mestre Marcelo. Capoeira Maneira is a way of playing that emphasizes body expression and the theatrical part of capoeira, without losing its efficiency nor the roots, tradition, or the capoeira etiquettes. This is Mestre Marcelo’s attempt at rescuing the game as he remembers it was played when he was just a kid in capoeira. Capoeira Maneira has its own berimbau, atabaque and pandeiro rhythms and it is played with only one berimbau, one atabaque and one pandeiro (agogo is optional). Other old rituals and traditions are part of it as well. The essence of the Capoeira Maneira is dialogue, expression, and continuity.

Our style is complex but easy system. We allow students to progress on their own speed and we respect and acknowledge their own time. We do appreciate other capoeira styles, though it is clear to us what we don’t want to have in our style and what is important to keep in it in order not to lose the essence of capoeira.

We don’t want: Violence, big egos, disrespect, unawareness, gossip, negative criticism to anyone’s style or system, any kind of prejudice.

What is important to us: Tradition, respect, efficiency, awareness, positive attitude, cooperation, discipline, appreciation of others’ differences, acceptance, building up community by including, supporting, and understanding not only the capoeira practitioners but their families, their friends, their lifestyles, the earth, and the environment around us.

How do we manage to be like that: We put great effort into communication and frequent reminders to each other, into research, and educating our students and the people who we meet in the various capoeira venues; we aim for inclusion, and give people of all levels of society respect, acceptance, forgiveness, and lots of fun.

When we have visiting capoeiristas that are not aware of this kind of philosophy we will suggest to them to broaden their vision and understand the reasons behind being this way, and the advantage of it. Eventually-usually quickly-they will get it. The feedback we’ve received has always been very rewarding to us, and shown to have been an incredible discovery to them.

Our intent is to support anyone interested in learning and growing in capoeira in a healthy positive environment that promotes not only the physical development of one’s endeavors but also the mental, physiological, emotional and spiritual understanding of themselves, allowing them to be who they are and to exercise their own choices in a healthy way. Our intention is to support anyone interested in growing in life using capoeira as a tool for this growth.

Our doors are always open to any visitors.


Mestre Marcelo Caverinha